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Lucy Heartfilia is the daughter of Layla Heartfilia and Jude Heartfilia.

Lucy Heartfilia is a Celestial Spirit mage and one of the main female protagonist of the series.


Lucy possesses brown eyes, and blond yellow hair that is usually tied by a variety of colored ribbon in a singular bunch to the right side of her head. Like most of the female characters, she has extremely large breasts. Lucy's Guild Mark is located on the back of her right hand and it is pink. Lucy doesn't wear the same clothes, and she never wear a bra.


Lucy is a 17 year old girl, and one of the newer member of the Fairy Tail Guild and subsequently Team Natsu, joining at the start of the main story line. Unlike her teammates, she is not incredibly powerful; however, their shenanigans have inadvertently led her to gain an elaborate reputation to which she accepts.

She currently doesn't have any official nickname. One of her spirits, Virgo, usually calls her Princess which was also taken up by Coco. Bickslow nicknames Lucy "Cosplay Queen" because she was wearing cheerleader clothes during their fight.

She came second in the "Miss Fairy Tail" contest, losing to Erza Scarlet.
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Lucy is the one of the saner and more stable - if not the only one - member of Fairy Tail. She has common sense that other member of the guild seems to lack. She consistently point out Natsu's and the others' idiocy. Lucy is also very confident in her appearance and sexiness, excluding a certain amount of vanity. Lucy is very kind to her spirits, and she never hurt her spirits.

Lucy dream is to write publish a book about all the adventures she's experienced in Fairy Tail.


Lucy was originally born in the extremely wealthy Heartfilia family. Her father and mother had met at a Merchant guild called "Love & Lucky". They chose her name when they noticed the sign for the guild had the letter K missing so that is read "Love & Lucy ". When Lucy was ten years old, her mother, Layla Heartfilia,passed away.


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Lucy is introduced lamenting about the lack of magic stores in Hargeon. In the only store in the town, she attempts to get a discount via her sex appeal for the Celestial Spirit Nikora costing 20,000 jewels, but is angered when the price only lowered 1000 jewels. A ruckus develops near her; curious, she heads towards it hearing the name of the fire magic user Salamander (who is an impostor named Bora). When she sees him she feels her heart beating fast and slowly moves towards him. This feeling soon ends when Natsu Dragneel and Happy interrupt proceedings thinking Bora is the dragon Igneel. They instantly leave, getting attacked by Bora's legion of female fans, and eventually gets thrown away by them when Natsu refuses his signature. Lucy walks up to the two, wishing to thank them (by giving them food): she explains that Bora was using the illegal magic Charm that attracts people's hearts to the user and Natsu's interruption took away that effect. She goes on to say that she is a mage looking for a guild, explaining what that is also. Remembering that the two were looking for someone, she asks who it is. They reply that it is the dragon Igneel which shocks her, making her remark that such a thing would never be in the town. She goes to leave but Natsu wishes to thank her by offering Bora's signature which she dramatically refuses. Later, on a park bench, she reads about the exploits of the guild Fairy Tail in the Sorcerer Magazine when Bora suddenly appears through the bushes having eavesdropped on her conversation. He offers to help her join Fairy Tail if she joins his boat party later that night. She agrees, dressing up for the occasion. On the boat, Bora offers her a drink of wine but she slaps it away remarking that it is a sleeping drug and she has no intentions of becoming his girl. However, he soon reveals himself to be a slave trader and plans to sell Lucy along with the other girls on the boat. His goons holding her still, he takes her Celestial Spirit keys and as they are useless to him, throws them out the window. Just as Lucy is about to be branded, Natsu suddenly crashes through the roof and Happy helps Lucy escape. Happy's magical wings soon wear off and they both drop into the sea where Lucy dives underwater and miraculously
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finds her keys. With them she calls upon her Celestial Spirit Aquarius who, after a warning to never drop the keys again, sums a powerful wave that shipwrecks Bora's boat ashore. Aquarius, however, catches Lucy and Happy in her wave as well and flushes them aboard the boat. From there, Lucy rushes to help Natsu but he needs no help as he is also a mage. Using his Fire Dragon Slayer magic, Natsu easily defeats Bora and his goons but he overdoes it, destroying a large portion of Hargeon's port. The arrival of the military make them have to dash quickly away; Natsu grabs onto Lucy and tells that if she follows him she can join Fairy Tail.


A day or so later, Lucy arrives at the guild, in awe and mostly shocked amazement at the many varied personalities it contains. A brawl develops in front of her, started by Natsu, which is eventually stopped by Fairy Tail's Guild Master Makarov before it escalates into usage of magic. Makarov initially begins to scold the members for their destructive actions but soon breaks into an inspiring speech about following the way of Fairy Tail. Night falls, and Lucy opts to have her member stamp on the back of her right hand. Natsu leaves to do another job but overhears that Macao Conbolt, a Fairy Tail member, has been missing for a week and his son, Romeo, wishes Makarov to look for him; Makarov refuses. Natsu punches the wall and leaves. Curious, Lucy asks Mirajane what is wrong with him and she explains that perhaps Natsu sees his history happening in Romeo where his foster parent, Igneel the fire dragon, suddenly disappeared. Out of curiosity she decides to go along with them into the furiously snowing mountains and begins to regret coming because of the sheer cold. Stealing Natsu's blanket and wrapping herself up in it she then summons her Celestial Spirit Horologium, a grandfather clock spirit with a compartment that she can hide in for warmth. One Vulcan, a monster Macao
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was subduing, suddenly appears and attacks Natsu before kidnapping Lucy since it likes women. The Vulcan takes her to its cave where it parades around her until Horologium disappears. As the Vulcan advances, Natsu catches up and demands to know where Macao is. The Vulcan apparently looks as if it's going to tell him but instead pushes him over a cliff. Lucy, enraged by this, summons the perverted Zodiac spirit Taurus. But just as the spirit and the Vulcan are about to fight, Natsu reappears, having been saved by Happy, and knocks out Taurus, thinking it is another monster. Natsu then fights and swiftly defeats the Vulcan. Much to their surprise, the Vulcan is actually Macao who had been "taken over" by the Vulcan's magic. Having been smashed into the wall, Macao falls through a hole in the wall and is saved from falling down the mountain thanks to the combined efforts of Natsu, Happy, Lucy and the revived Taurus. Macao now back up, they find he is seriously wounded and Natsu resorts to the extreme of burning one of Macao's wounds shut which brings him back to consciousness. He tells them that he was taken over by the twentieth one which makes Lucy feel she is no match for them. They return to Magnolia, the town where Fairy Tail is located, bringing Macao to his son Romeo.


Making their way back from Galuna Island, Lucy and the others discover that their guild has been wrecked by the Phantom Lord Guild. After receiving their punishment from the master (Lucy getting a smack on the butt), the gang decides to crash in Lucy's apartment much to her dismay. Later they were all witness to Levy McGarden, Jet, and Droy being crucified from a tree and the master declaring war. With the other off fighting Phantom, Lucy stays behind to look after her injured friends. As Lucy is walking back from her visit she is greeted by Juvia Loxar and Sol from the Element 4 which leads to her capture (and she drops her keys). Lucy is later seen being used as bait to help seal Master Makarov's magic power. Lucy awakes at Phantom's headquarters and learns from Phantom Lord's guild master, Jose Porla, that her father had sent them to retrieve his daughter. Lucy makes her escape by pretending to use the bathroom then kicking Jose in the balls, she makes her way to the exit to find that she is high up but she jumps down anyway knowing Natsu would be there to catch her (which he was) and they return to Fairy Tail. Back at the Guild Lucy is feeling like it is her fault explains the situation and her friends try to cheer her up. As the war with Phantom continued
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Mirajane felt it was better to hide Lucy to protect her so she put Lucy to sleep and disguised herself as Lucy with transformation magic and have Reedus protect the real one. However thanks to Gajeel Redfox's keen nose he found the real Lucy and forcefully took her to Phantom headquarters. After still being beaten and tortured by Gajeel, Natsu and Happy show up to rescue her. As Natsu and Gajeel's battle progresses, Lucy realizes Natsu is on the verge of being defeated she calls upon the only key she has remaining (the one she got from Galuna Island) Sagittarius. Sagittarius shoots his arrows at a machine causing fire for Natsu to eat so he can replenish his strength enough to defeat Gajeel. Upon Phantom Lord's defeat and a little encouragement from her injured comrades (also being held and released by the Magic Council Knights), Lucy set out alone towards the Heartfilia manor to meet with her father. When Lucy arrived at the manor she was greeted by her old servants. They dress her in a fancy dress and wait outside as Lucy goes to her father’s office. Lucy enters and her father explains that the reason he sent Phantom to get her was because her husband has been decided by him. Lucy says not to misunderstand her that she came back to cut ties with him and to make sure he never threaten or comes near Fairy Tail again. She is then seen visiting her mothers grave as the others come to take her back to Fairy Tail and she explains just how wealthy her family is to her stunned friends.